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The rewards of growing edible herbs are gratifying.  Not only will you have access to fresh herbs for your dishes, ...

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Maximizing Herb Shelf Life & Freshness Cut Stems Under Water! -Wash & rinse herbs. -Take herbs and place stems in bowl of ...

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Fresh and delicious recipes using Viet Herbs Fresh Spring rolls Pork and Pineapple Spring rolls Curry Tofu and Basil Spring Rolls Turkey Spring Rolls Vietnamese ...

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Books: Edible Wild Plants of Vietnam: The Bountiful Garden by. Yoshitaka Tanaka Medicinal Plants of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos by. Nguyen ...

Basil – Thai/Asian – Húng Quế

Vietnamese Herb Name: Rau Quế, Húng Quế

Common Culinary Herb Name: Thai Basil (Queenette / Siam Queen / Anise Varieties), …

Basil – Vietnamese – Húng Quế Viet-Nam

Vietnamese Herb Names: Rau Quế VietNam, Húng Quế VietNam

Common Culinary Herb Name: Vietnamese Basil

Botanical Family & Herb Name …

Bitter Herb – Rau Dắng

Vietnamese Herb Name: Rau Dắng

Common Culinary Herb Name: No common culinary name has really been established.   We use Bitter …

Chinese Chives (flat leaf) – Hẹ

Vietnamese Herb Name: Hẹ

Common Culinary Herb Names: Chinese Chives,  Chinese Leek

Botanical Family & Herb Names: Allium            

Vegetative Description: …

Cilantro – Ngò

Vietnamese Herb Names: Ngò, Rau Mùi

Common Culinary Herb Name: Cilantro, Coriander, Chinese Cilantro, Chinese Parsley

Botanical Family & Herb …

Dill – Thì Là

Vietnamese Name: Thì Là

Common Culinary Name: Dill

Botanical Family & Name : Apiaceae, Anthenum  Graveolens

Vegetative Description: Finely divided, …

Elephant Ear Stalks – Bạc Hà

Vietnamese Name: Bạc Hà

Common Culinary Name: Elephant ear stalks/stems

Botanical Family & Name: Araceae, Alocasia  Odora

Vegetative Description: Large …

Edible Chrysanthemum – Tần Ô

Vietnamese Name: Tần Ô, Rau Cú, Caỉ Cúc

Common Culinary Name: Edible Chrysanthemum, Garland Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum Greens, Chop Suey Greens…

Fish Mint (Herb) – Diếp Cá

Vietnamese Names: Diếp Cá, Dấp Cá, Lá Giáp

Common Culinary Name: Fish Herb, Việt Fish Mint

Common Ornamental Names: Chameleon …

Lemongrass – Xả

Vietnamese Name: Xả

Common Culinary Name: Lemongrass, citronella grass

Botanical Family & Name: Poaceae, Cymbopogon Citratatus

Vegetative Description: A long …

Pennywort – Rau Má

Vietnamese Name: Rau Má

Common Culinary Name: Pennywort

Botanical Family &  Name: Araliaceae, Hydrodoctyle Asiatica (small) or Centella Javanica (large) …

Peppermint – Húng Cay

Vietnamese Name: Húng Cay

Common Culinary Name: Peppermint

Botanical Family & Name: Lamiaceae, Mentha Piperita

Vegetative Description: Simple, slightly toothed …

Rice Patty Herb – Ngổ Ôm

Vietnamese Names: Ngổ Ôm, Rau Ôm, Rau Ngổ

Common Culinary Name: Rice Patty Herb

Botanical Family & Name: Plantaginaceae, Limnophilia …

Sawtooth Herb – Ngò Gai

Vietnamese Name: Ngò Gai

Common Culinary Names: Sawtooth Herb, Mexican/ Wild /Thorny coriander, Culantro

Botanical Family & Name: Apiaceae, Eryngium  …

Sorrel – Rau Chua

Vietnamese Names: Rau Chua, Lá Chua

Common Culinary Name: Common Sorrel,  French Sorrel

Botanical Family & Name: Polygonaceae, Rumex Acetosa(French …

Spearmint – Húng Lũi

Vietnamese Names: Húng Lũi

Common Culinary Name: Spearmint, Common Mint

Botanical Family & Name: Lamiaceae, Mentha Spicata

Vegetative Description:

Native …

Vietnamese Balm – Kinh Giới

Vietnamese Name: Kinh Giới

Common Culinary Name: Vietnamese Balm, Vietnamese Lemon Mint

Botanical Family & Name: Lamniaceae, Elsholtzia  ciliata

Vegetative …

Vietnamese Coriander – Rau Răm

Vietnamese Name: Rau Răm

Common Culinary Name: Vietnamese coriander/cilantro, Vietnamese mint, false mint,

Botanical Family & Name: Polygonaceae, Polygonum (Persecaria)   …

Vietnamese Crab Claw Herb – Rau Càng Cua

Vietnamese Names: Rau Càng Cua

Common Culinary Name: Vietnamese crab claw herb, salad pepperomia

Botanical Family & Name: Pepperomia Pellucida …

Vietnamese Perilla – Tiá Tô

Vietnamese Name: Tiá Tô

Common Culinary Name: Vietnamese Perilla,  Perilla

Botanical Family & Name: Lamiaceae, Perilla  Frutescens?

Vegetative Description: Leaves …

Watercress – Xà Lách Son

Vietnamese Name: Xà Lách Son

Common Culinary Name: Watercress

Botanical Family & Name: Brassicaceae, Nasturtium  sp.

Vegetative Description: Shiny green …

Wild Betal Leaf – Lá Lốt

Vietnamese Name: Lá Lốt

Common Culinary Name: Wild Betal Leaf

Botanical Family & Name: Piperaceae, Piper Sarmentosum or Betle

Vegetative …